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Bernard Brown, Reform Party Candidate.

By Lyn Funnell

I interviewed Bernard Brown, the Lewes & District Reform Party Candidate.

This is an interview with the Person, not the Party!

LYN  Where do you live, and have you got a family?

BERNARD  I live in Battle with my partner, Cilla. She was a widow with two daughters and five grandchildren when I met her. They’re an absolute joy!

LYN  What does Cilla think about you being an MP Candidate in these dangerous times?

BERNARD  She’s fully supportive but has trepidations about it. She knows I’m passionate about it. All local Candidates had an email saying that there will be a police presence at all public meetings.

LYN  How long have you been a Reform Candidate?

BERNARD  Four months; before the Election was called. I was a Conservative before that. I stood as a County Councillor in 2021 and as a District Councillor in 2023.

LYN  What area do you cover?

BERNARD  Lewes constituency including Plumpton , Lewes, Newhaven. Seaford, East Dean, Polegate , Ringmer.

LYN  What was your career?

BERNARD  I spent my first six years in NHS Local Government. I was a Systems Engineer in the NHS at a teaching hospital in London. For instance, if a bulb went in an operating theatre, it was cheaper and safer to change all the lights in case a second light blew during an Operation.

It was too bureaucratic so I left.

I joined IPC Magazines & Business Press, creating a revamped procedure for advertising. But I was dealing with print Unions.

Then I joined the P&O Shipping Co. as a Business Analyst for 10 years. I had a wonderful time, and travelled a lot. But they moved their offices, so I decided to leave.

I ran my own Consultancy, and I also ran a specialist Private Hire Taxi Co.

Then I worked for a Mental Health Charity for six years, helping people to get back to work, and to mix in a Social Environment.

LYN  How many Reform Candidates are there?

BERNARD  Over 600. Some of them were last minute Candidates.

LYN  How many seats do you expect to win?

BERNARD  Eight strong possibilities. Obviously we expect/hope to get more.

LYN  Have you lost any friends?

BERNARD  Nobody has avoided me. Possibly one person… Many old Tory friends say our friendship outweighs Politics.

LYN  How do you cope with rudeness or abuse? I couldn’t. I’d be rude back and lie awake at night.

BERNARD  Water off a duck’s back! One Lady screwed up my leaflet and threw it on the ground, so I said, Are you going to leave that on the ground or would you like me to pick it up and put it in the bin for you?

LYN  I hear Nigel has been strict about his potential Councillors and thrown out some unsuitable Councilors.

BERNARD  All the Parties vet their Candidates. They’re fully checked and then they have 2-3 interviews. Reform paid a Vetting Co as they didn’t have time to go through the whole process themselves – and the Vetting Co got swamped!

Once you sign the nomination papers, you’re still a Candidate.

LYN  Is it too late for other MPs to join you?

BERNARD  They can join at any time but they can’t stand for election.

LYN  How do you feel about our Electoral System? You could get the most votes, but no MPS.

BERNARD  It’s wrong. It’s 1st past the post. It needs reforming.

Every Party is entitled to one free mailshot.

LYN  Have you met Nigel Farage or Richard Tice?

BENARD  No, not face to face.

LYN  Why don’t some people like Nigel Farage?

BERNARD  Because he says it as it is. He won’t say anything is bad unless he’s researched it.

LYN  What would you like to say in conclusion?

BERNARD  I want our Country to restore our Cultural values and to have genuine truth and openness in Government.

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