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Contact Us for Copyrighted Image Usage at Unknown Kent and Sussex

At Unknown Kent and Sussex, we take pride in sharing captivating visuals that capture the essence and beauty of the stunning landscapes in the region. Our website serves as a platform to showcase these copyrighted images, each telling a unique story of the hidden gems nestled within Kent and Sussex. We welcome individuals, organisations, and businesses who wish to utilise our copyrighted images to reach out for collaboration opportunities.

If you’re interested in using any of our copyrighted images, we’re thrilled to work with you to make it happen. To streamline the process and ensure proper usage of our images, we kindly request that you follow these simple steps to initiate contact:

1. Contact us via Email: To inquire about the possibility of using our copyrighted images, send us an email at This will be our primary point of contact for image usage requests. Please provide a detailed description of your intended usage, including the specific image(s) you’re interested in, the purpose of use, the platform where the image will be used, and the duration of usage.

2. Provide Details: Include as much information as possible about your project. Let us know if the image will be used for commercial, editorial, or personal purposes, and provide any relevant context about the project. The more information we have, the better we can assist you in a timely and effective manner.

3. Wait for Confirmation: Once we receive your email, our team will review your request and respond as soon as possible. We’ll provide you with the necessary details regarding image availability, usage terms, licensing, and any associated fees.

4. Licensing Agreement: If we determine that your request aligns with our image usage policies, we’ll draft a licensing agreement outlining the terms and conditions of usage. This agreement will ensure both parties are on the same page regarding image attribution, duration of usage, and any other relevant stipulations.

At Unknown Kent and Sussex, we value collaborations that showcase the beauty of our region and its hidden treasures. We’re excited to explore opportunities that allow our copyrighted images to be a part of your projects. Contact us today via email at to initiate the process and embark on a journey of visual storytelling together.


  • Lyn Funnell

    Lyn is the co-owner of Unknown Kent and Sussex. She lives in Sussex. Lyn has been writing for most of her life, both Fiction & Non-Fiction. She loves cookery & creating original recipes. She's won a lot of prizes, including Good Housekeeping Millenium Menu & on BBC The One Show as a runner-up, making her Britain's Spag Bol Queen! She has had nine books published so far. History, Travel & Restaurant Reviews are her main interests.