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    Seren runs a catering business and delicatessen in Mid Wales, but she is not your run of the mill caterer or deli owner. She is a mother of six and an internationally recognised food historian who has created banquets and historical dinner parties for private clients and television. Her work has been featured on the BBC, ITV & Channel 4 and she has appeared in BBC4’s Castle’s Under Siege, BBC South's Ration Book Britain, Pubs that Built Britain with The Hairy Bikers, BBC 2’s Inside the Factory, BBC 2’s The World’s Most Amazing Hotels, the Channel 4 series Food Unwrapped and Country Files Autumn Diaries. Her work has also been featured in The Guardian, The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail and The Telegraph. Her two most recent books are 'Revolting Recipes from History' and 'A Dark History of Tea'

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Afternoon Tea

By Seren Charrington Hollins. Afternoon tea is very much in vogue and indeed save for complaining about the weather and going out in the midday sun there are ve... Read more.
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For the Love of Gingerbread and Bundt Cakes

Gingerbread has a long and fascinating history with its origins lying with the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians.  In its earliest form it was baked to be firm so t... Read more.

The History of the Bakewell Tart – do you know your tart from your pudding

By Seren Charrington Hollins   The Bakewell Tart is a true food legend and the ultimate tea-time treat, but when looking at the history of this regional de... Read more.
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Soap Opera – the drama of soap making

By Seren Charrington Hollins Soap has gone very artisan in recent years and is a far cry from the artificial smelling, aqua-marine soap that filled the bathroom... Read more.
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Welsh Witterings:  Superfoods that Deserve the Title

By Seren Charrington Hollins It seems like every few months there is a new food that runs into the nutrition arena in its super hero cape and claims its title&h... Read more.
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The British Love of Sausages

By Seren Charrington Hollins There is little debate that Britain  is a nation of sausage lovers. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner you can always rely ... Read more.
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Fondant Memories:  making old fashioned sweets at home

By Seren Charrington Hollins Making sweets at home is a cheap and rewarding process that means you get ultimate control over the ingredients used. The best advi... Read more.
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Good Old Fashioned Comfort Food – Cheese and Potato Pie

By Seren Charrington Hollins Seldom things are as simple or comforting as a cheese and potato pie.  Cheap and easy to prepare this meal is great for busy famil... Read more.
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Total Bliss – Teetotal Tipples

By Seren Charrington Hollins More and more people, both young and old have fallen out of love with alcohol and are opting for a lifestyle that shuns alcoholic b... Read more.
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Love your Leftovers – Blue Cheese

By Seren Charrington-Hollins   Tangy, ripe and deeply savoury there is no doubt that it is an acquired taste, but there is no denying its ability to pep up... Read more.
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Top Vegetarian Toastie Recipes to Tickle your Taste buds

By Seren Charrington Hollins When it comes to lunch at home it is very often a sandwich affair, but the problem with sandwiches is that they can become repetiti... Read more.
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Seren on Saturdays A short History of the Chocolate Eclair

By Seren Charrington Hollins A good chocolate eclair is nothing short of spectacular and is something worthy of praise. Light, yet crisp choux pastry filled wit... Read more.
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Seren on Saturdays. Cheesecake – food of the Gods

By Seren Charrington Hollins Around the world cheesecake is championed as a delicious and indulgent treat and indeed one that conjures up thoughts of American b... Read more.
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Seren on Saturdays. The Making of the Great British Pie What Pie shall I choose?…A Noble Affair too

By Seren Charrington Hollins For the past week pies have been on my mind, it’s not some sort of new diet fad or even a craving, instead my obsession with&... Read more.

Golden Age of Cocktails: drink like it’s the 1920s

by Seren Hollins, food & drink historian Pull on a flapper dress, bring out the *bathtub gin and strike up some big band jazz music, as we mix up some&helli... Read more.
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Seren on Saturdays: Retro Dinner Party Revival

By Seren Charrington Hollins Food had been all about frugality and functionality for the best part of the 1940’s and 1950’s and whilst the food had been who... Read more.
Food and Drink, History

Seren on Saturday: In a Medieval Style Pickle

Preserving food by means of pickling is an ancient tradition and by the Middle Ages it was a well-established practice with medieval households being keenly awa... Read more.
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Seren on Saturdays The Foods of Love and Romance  – not just for Valentine’s Day

By Seren Charrington Hollins It’s that time of year when you seemingly can’t escape from hearts, flowers and bottles of fizz, yes it’s Valenti... Read more.
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Seren on Saturdays. Apple Jam and Custard Tart

I love a nice home-cooked custard tart, but this simple dish is transformed to a dish worthy of great merit and praise when coupled with the tang  of Bramley a... Read more.
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Seren on Saturdays. Cocktails and Cake

By Seren Charrington Hollins The Piña Colada is an iconic cocktail from the 1950’s and it is the ultimate summer escape cocktail.  Whenever I think of the d... Read more.