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Memories from Malta – from an old and former Horsted Keynes resident  Meghan Markle and Harry Wallow in the Deep End – Yet Again!



It is of course no great surprise that every few days either Meghan Markle, or her husband Prince Harry, or both of them, burst into the international sphere yet again. This has now become an established fact-of-life and I am more than certain that in future, this will happen time and time again. 

The latest development follows a visit paid by the couple to Nigeria, a former British colony and one of the largest and more renowned countries in Africa. 

The Prince of Sussex and his wife were meant to have paid a private visit to Nigeria to attend some events and while there they were treated as royalty and the whole Nigerian episode reverted into what was by the Nigerians as an official visit by British royalty. 

The King of Britain Charles III and his eldest son Prince William were furious with anger that this visit should have been turned into such an event as an official royal visit! Additionally, the couple at no time did they admit it was not an official royal visit and lapped up all the honorariums they were plied with! 

Now, if I were to tell you there is a great link between the late Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle you would probably choke in your excellent Maltese Rose’ wine! 

A volume of polluted and stained water has passed between Meghan and the British Royal family since she married Prince Harry (is he still a Prince?) and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex i.e. Harry and Meghan, are almost exploding in the media every day with startling “revelations” to damage the British Royal Family. 

HOWEVER, there is ONE single bridge of love and admiration that links the late Queen and the Duchess together – their mutual love and admiration for the Maltese Islands! 

Queen Elizabeth has never had any hesitation in her love and admiration for Malta when she was a Princess and lived here for two years in 1949/50 shortly after her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh, and later as Queen during many visits. 

When once she was asked by the newspaper, “The Daily Express”, which is her favourite country outside the United Kingdom, she immediately replied “Malta – because I always felt a free woman there”. 

Well, perhaps Meghan Markle’s title should read “The Duchess of Sussex” – but I am more than certain most of the world will continue to know her as Meghan Markle whose life turned into a veritable Fairy Tale when, as an American actress, she met and married Prince Harry, no less the grandson of the late Queen Elizabeth II whose son is now King Charles III.

                                                                   Meghan with friend in Malta

Ok, maybe she is regarded by many as a no-pedigree, jumped-up Yank, out to milk her position as much as possible financially and has done her level best to damage the British Monarchy with allegations of racism, snobbishness, etc, BUT she also has British ancestry. 

And how does this Meghan Markle Fairy Tale relate to Malta you may well ask and what link does Meghan have to Malta?

Meghan wearing the traditional Maltese Ghonella, no longer worn today but a throwback to the Islamic past worn by religious women not to expose their body flesh.        

“Duchess” Markle came to Malta nine years ago in March 2015, as a fashion model for ElleUK fashion magazine – that is – before her official engagement to Prince Harry, later admitting she had jumped at being given the opportunity to visit Malta because she had a special reason and there was research she greatly desired to carry out. 

That research was to establish without doubt that her great, great grandmother on her father’s side of the family had been born in Malta. 

Did she find the link?

                                                        Visiting the Meridian wine cellar

Yes, she did. Great, great grandmother Mary Bird was born in Malta on 3rd May, 1862, the daughter of soldier Thomas Bird who at the time was stationed in Malta with the British military services. Mary resided in Malta for 18 years before she left for the United States where she later married one George Merrill – and thus the Fairy Tale began to take shape. 

While in Malta, Meghan was lodged at Casa Ellul, a boutique hotel in Valletta and she apparently loved every moment of it and every moment of her Malta visit. 

She loved the Maltese people too, describing them as relaxed and laid-back with a comfortable style of living and above all, being extremely friendly and welcoming. The factor to keep in mind is that her visit was BEFORE the announcement of the Royal engagement – therefore she received no special treatment because the Maltese generally adore the British Royal Family – and the British Royals know it and appreciate it.