Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Thoughts for Thursday: A Poem Inspired by Some of the Scandals of Our Time



Crouched in darkness ‘neath the counter’s friendly face
Who could know the turmoil and the panic and disgrace
Taking care of business, for sure they could not lose
For hidden in the small print, no option to recuse

The heart of every village, yet rotten to the core
Members of the public support their local store
Exchanging daily pleasantries with Miss or Mr Post
Horizon in the shadows had marked them out as toast

Ah – reliable Horizon, software at its best
British justice serving its good masters’ behest
Years lost, lives lost, reputations too
An institution finished, and shame on those who knew

So move on to the next of the scandals for our time
And watch the politicians squirm in their own slime
Windrush, cladding, leasehold and Section 24
And hear the WASPI women banging at the door

Kicked into the long grass in hopes they’ll go away
Reducing compensation when dying by the day
Unheeded by bought media and difficult to see
Unless they’re in a program that’s aired on ITV

by Maria Bligh © 2024