Sussex Pure Mineral Water from an Underground Spring

Pear Tree Well Sussex Pure Mineral Water from Underground spring
Very few of us, I’ll wager, drink as much water as we ought to.  And if we try to, how do we do it?  Draw it from the tap and worry about additives that our water suppliers might have used?  Wonder how many times it’s been “recycled”?  Or do we go down the route of buying it in bottles with the resulting plastic or glass packaging that needs to be discarded or recycled?

Whether you believe you should be drinking 8 glasses a day or the full 3 litres that some recommend, it’s a dilemma we face when trying to stay hydrated.

Fortunately for me, just around the corner from my home in Sussex is a facility that supplies mineral water drawn from 120 feet below ground.  This water is protected beneath a layer of rock that’s 5 ft thick, and it’s this protection that keeps it pure and free from surface water contamination.  It’s been found to contain over 15 perfectly balanced natural minerals and trace elements and is mooted to provide the human body with much of the protection it needs to maintain health.

Yet the fact that an underground source of pure water flows in such an ordinary location isn’t the most remarkable thing about it… How it came to be discovered is even more intriguing…

Last century – 1998, to be precise – David Pursglove, the owner of Paygate Farm, awoke from an intense dream that featured an old pear tree in his garden.  In the dream, a voice told him there was treasure buried beneath the tree.

Naturally, he wasn’t about to ignore such a message, so he did what we’d all do and set about finding the treasure, first hiring a metal detector and, when this failed, digging under the tree to find the bounty.

For his efforts, all he got was mud on his boots as the soil got steadily wetter the deeper he dug.  Disheartened, feeling slightly foolish and more than a little muddy, he refilled the hole and went indoors for a nice cup of tea.

But the mystery voice wasn’t giving up so easily.  A few nights later it was back in David’s dreams asking him whether he’d found the treasure.  David told it to be on its bike as he’d only found water.  The voice then revealed to him that the water was the treasure!

I’m sure many people would have simply turned over and gone back to sleep, but we’ve already established that David’s not the sort to give up so easily and something about the vividness of the dreams told him to investigate further.  So he engaged a geologist to drill down deeper than he’d been able to dig and once they got through a thick layer of rock they came upon a small but fast-flowing underground stream.  As David says “The roar of the water was deafening.”

David had the water tested and its purity was confirmed as some of the most perfectly balanced mineral water ever discovered.

The Well from which pure mineral water is drawn
The Incredible Well

Since then, Pear Tree Well water has enjoyed much national television coverage and gets shipped far and wide.  A courier service provides national delivery.  Bottled at source direct from a bore hole, the water is packaged in bottles ranging in size from 330ml to 10 litres with refills available.  The smaller bottles are glass and the larger are non-toxic plastic.

At the farm, where there’s a small but dedicated staff led by the quite lovely and extremely efficient Angie Stevenson, there are many letters from happy clients attesting to the benefits they’ve gained from the water.  People suffering from ailments including ME, epilepsy and a myriad skin complaints say the water has turned their lives around.  Advantages have also come from topical application.  One of the products Pear Tree Well offers is a spray mist.  Clients have used this on their skin’s surface where the minerals work their magic to heal various wounds and rashes.

I know it all sounds unlikely.  Indeed, the geologist that David first engaged to drill for the water was massively sceptical about finding anything, let alone the “treasure” promised in David’s dream.  But it all turned out to be true.

I can personally vouch for the taste.  It’s very different from having to force down tap water while wondering what else you’re imbibing with it.  Making tea with Pear Tree Well water is a revelation.  Not only do you really taste your tea but there’s none of that scum floating on top.

Just as important as what’s in it is what’s not in it.  Recent horror stories abound on the subject of sewage being released into our waterways.  We’ve suffered flooding and droughts, all of which play havoc with our water sources and as the population increases, especially in the south of England, our tap water will be recycled more frequently, necessitating more additives to keep it clean.  Some days there seems to be so much chlorine in the water that it’s almost like drinking bleach! Because of this, finding a pure water source has become ever more important for all of us.  I’m just so pleased I don’t have to go trekking through the mountains to find my supply.

Kirlian photography confirms the vast electromagnetic field around Pear Tree Well water cells, compared with the tiny amount of life in tap water.

Thank you, David, for following your dreams… literally.

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Kirlian photography:


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