Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Free Offer of Two Much Acclaimed Books by Sussex Writer.

Tony & Heather

By Tony Flood

It’s a pleasure to be invited by Lyn Funnell to become a writer with Unknown Kent and Sussex.

I am a local author and most of my books are based in Eastbourne, Brighton and surrounding areas.


As Christmas is approaching, I thought I would start by offering all readers complimentary e-versions of my celebrity book My Life With The Stars – Sizzling Secrets Spilled! plus Laughs and Tears Galore – short stories and poems with twists, which I have co-written with my wife Heather Flood.

If you email me at I will email you back, attaching free e-versions of both of the books.

My Life With The Stars – Sizzling Secrets Spilled! contains revelations and anecdotes about showbiz and sports stars including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Eric Morecambe, Kylie Minogue, Muhammad Ali, George Best and Des O’Connor, and went to No.1 on Amazon in it’s category.

Laughs and Tears Galore contains plenty of humour and tear jerkers, with suspense and thrills, too, as cheats often get their comeuppance.

One of the poems, written by Heather, is most appropriate at this time. It’s called IF YOU LET IT, and is as follows:

There’s always something to wreck your day, some obstruction to mar your way, a thought to change blue skies to grey – If you l let it.

There’s always something to spoil your fun, disturb your mind when the day is done.

A cloud that threatens to hide the sun – If you let it.

Ignore what upsets you, the stones and stings, find something good in whatever life brings.

Life will surround you with wonderful things – If you let it.

You can pass on these two FREE COPIES of the e-versions to your friends by simply forwarding them my email and attachments. They should enjoy them because they have both received excellent reviews.

If you or your friends would like PAPERBACK versions of our books, they are available, in various genres, and currently at bargain prices, on as follows:

  1. FALL GUY – WHO REALLY KILLED HIS WIFE?, a crime thriller which has been endorsed by international best-selling writer Peter James.

2.Spicy crime thriller STITCH UP! – KILLER OR VICTIM? endorsed by The Sun newspaper’s Stuart Pink as having a riveting plot with electrifying double twist.

  1. Heather Flood’s fantasy book PURPLE MIST – AN OUT-OUT-THIS-WORLD ADVENTURE! This is the second edition which has an extra chapter and, like most of our books, reached the top five in its Amazon category 4. There’s also my first crime thriller TRIPLE TEASE, which has also been endorsed by best selling author Peter James. All three of the thrillers are stand alone but each features compassionate copper DCI Harvey Livermore who is prepared to break the rule book if necessary to get justice – with the help of determined women!
  2. In addition, I have written a fantasy adventure called SECRET POTION, which has been recommended by other authors as being ideal for Harry Potter fans 6. Heather has also written a series of MOUSEY MOUSEY books for young children and a book of short stories called GIANT STICKER MONSTER AND OTHER CHILDREN’S STORIES. As with our other books, these are also available on and most have appeared in the top 10 of their respective categories.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing with you my insights of East Sussex, where I reside now, and Kent, where I used to live.