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Flight Sport Aviation, Deanland Airfield, Sussex

Deanland, Golden Cross, Sussex has been an airfield since the 1st April, 1944.

It has since been split in half with a road in between which leads to Ripe and the other half is now Deanland Wood Park with beautifully landscaped mobile homes in a peaceful setting with several lakes and woodland.

Flight Sport Aviation is hidden away at Deanland Airfield and not many people are aware that it is there unless they know about it. But it’s one of the UK’s leading and affordable flight training schools.

It’s owned and run by Shellie L’Alouette (47.)

LYN How long have you been here at the Airfield?

SHELLIE 10 years.

LYN Why here?

SHELLIE I worked here for my partner. He sadly passed away and then I carried on the school.

We have a database  of students and instructors so I had to keep it going for their sakes.

And I really enjoy the job. I have two children, aged 12 and 14 to support.

LYN Who mainly learns to fly here? Do they do it for fun or for a job?

SHELLIE Mainly for fun; for sport, leisure and hobby flying.

LYN How many planes do you own?

SHELLIE Five. 3 Ikarus C42, 1 is in Headcorn, a Cessna 152, and a Piper PA28 which is in Shoreham.

LYN How many instructors do you have?

SHELLIE 9. 2 full-time, 2 retired from BA and the others have day jobs. 1 is a fireman and 1 works for BA.

LYN Where do you fly to?

SHELLIE Mainly Headcorn and Goodwood. The students who are training tend to go there.

Compton Abbas has a nice restaurant and the Isle of Wight also has good food.

We can even fly to France!

LYN How long does it take to get a licence?

SHELLIE A minimum of 45 hours for the PPL, the Private Pilot’s Licence.

The Microlight NPPL (M) is a different licence. The quickest we’ve ever had is 12 days!

LYN Any future plans for Flight Sport Aviation?

SHELLIE We’re always growing the business. Anyone is welcome to come along to meet us and discuss their flights.

Flights start from £95 for a taster flight, and from £164 per hour, depending on the plane.

Flight sport Aviation

Deanland Airfield

Ripe Lane


East Sussex


07519 527 597