Aerial Adventures with a Drone! Capturing the Essence of Sussex from Above.:

By Danny O’Callaghan

Greetings fellow adventurers and photography enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to take you on a virtual journey through the stunning landscapes of Sussex, as seen from the sky. These images were taken between 2014 and 2023 for my company Invista360 with my trusty DJI drone, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to capture unique aerial shots that showcase the beauty of this picturesque county. So, fasten your seatbelts (or rather, propellers), as we embark on a sky-high adventure together.

Beachy Head: A Majestic Cliffside Perspective

Beachy Head Lighthouse Eastbourne from a above
Beachy Head Lighthouse Eastbourne from above

One of my most unforgettable experiences was soaring above the iconic Beachy Head. The towering cliffs and the vast expanse of the English Channel create a mesmerizing canvas for drone photography. As I navigated my drone, I could capture the dramatic contrast between the chalky cliffs and the deep blue sea, all while remaining respectful of the wildlife and natural habitat below.

South Downs National Park: Rolling Hills and Hidden Gems

Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head Eastbourne
Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head Eastbourne – Copyright Danny O’Callaghan

The South Downs, a haven for nature enthusiasts, revealed its true splendour when viewed from above. The undulating hills, meandering rivers, and patchwork fields create a patchwork quilt of colours and textures that’s a feast for the eyes. With the compact and agile drone, I could easily explore hidden nooks and crannies that are otherwise inaccessible, revealing the true diversity of this national treasure.

Eastbourne Harbour: A Tapestry of Maritime Life

Eastbourne Marina - Harbour
Eastbourne Marina – Copyright Danny O’Callaghan

Hovering above Eastbourne Harbour allowed me to capture the bustling maritime activity from a fresh perspective. The colourful fishing boats, the elegant yachts, and the lively promenade came to life from the sky, showcasing the vibrant spirit of this coastal town. The DJI drone’s intuitive controls enabled me to weave through the harbour’s intricate features, ensuring that no detail went unnoticed.

Eastbourne Marina - Harbour

Pevensey Castle: Echoes of History

Pevsensey Castle, East Sussex by drone

With my DJI Mini drone, I embarked on a journey through time, capturing the historical remnants of Sussex. Pevensey Castle’s ancient walls and imposing architecture gained a new dimension from the air, highlighting the passage of centuries. And as I hovered over the Long Man of Wilmington, the centuries-old chalk figure etched into the hillside, I marvelled at how drones can reveal hidden stories carved into the landscape.

Butts Brow Willingdon

Butts Brow Willingdon, East Sussex
Butts Brow Willingdon, East Sussex

Aerial Adventures on a Budget: Mini Drones

Now, let’s talk about how you can dive into the exciting world of drone photography without breaking the bank. The DJI Mini drones, weighing under 250 grams, are a fantastic starting point. What’s even more exciting is that due to their lightweight design, they fall within the category that doesn’t require registration or licenses from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the UK, whether for personal or commercial use.

This accessibility makes them an ideal choice for newcomers who are eager to explore the sky without navigating a maze of regulations. With its user-friendly controls and impressive camera capabilities, the DJI Mini opens up a world of creative possibilities. As I’ve experienced firsthand, capturing breathtaking shots of Sussex landmarks becomes a breeze, even for those just starting.

Until next time, my fellow adventurers, may your skies be clear and your shots be remarkable. Happy droning!


  • Danny O'Callaghan

    Danny O'Callaghan, a seasoned geek and serial entrepreneur hailing from London, UK, he has dedicated his life to exploring the world and sharing his experiences through captivating storytelling. With a passion for adventure and a curiosity that knows no bounds, Danny has journeyed across far and wide, immersing himself in the cultures, landscapes, and hidden gems that each destination has to offer. Now living in Eastbourne he spends his time producing electronic music in his studio and flying his drones around the Sussex and Kent countryside.

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  1. Wow! Stunning footage. I am thinking of taking up metal detecting and I thought that a drone would be a good investment to navigate the land ( owners permission of course!) Would you recommend?

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