Bread Tarts

By Lyn Funnell

Here is another great recipe, using bread.

The filling is your choice. You could use roast or stewed vegetables, or a sweet filling, like jam.

12 slices of bread, or as many as you want to use.

Butter or marge

For the filling;

I used ½ an onion & a tomato, finely chopped & fried in oil until soft.

3 eggs, lightly beaten

300ml/14flozs milk

85g/3ozs grated cheese.

I used High Weald Dairy’s Ricotta Salata, made with cow & sheep whey

Either; cut off the crusts, making a square shape

Or; use a round cutter to cut out circles.

Using a rolling pin, roll out the slices one at a time, turning them over & rolling the other side, to flatten them. Make sure you keep their shape.

Butter one side and place them, butter side down, in muffin or bun tins. Press them down.

I added a base of stewed onion & tomato in the squares.

Beat the eggs, milk & cheese together.

Lightly season but go easy on the salt as the cheese will be slightly salty.

Spoon the milk mixture over the bread cases, leaving room for them to expand.

Bake at 190C/375F/gas mark 5, for 25-30 minutes.



  • Lyn Funnell

    Lyn is the co-owner of Unknown Kent and Sussex. She lives in Sussex. Lyn has been writing for most of her life, both Fiction & Non-Fiction. She loves cookery & creating original recipes. She's won a lot of prizes, including Good Housekeeping Millenium Menu & on BBC The One Show as a runner-up, making her Britain's Spag Bol Queen! She has had nine books published so far. History, Travel & Restaurant Reviews are her main interests.

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